Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Somer Thompson's Memorial page

When I came across Sarah's call for help to do a memorial page for Diena for the lost of her daughter Somer Thompson, I didn't have think about it.  Hence, the following is my page for the memorial album.

The two pages were designed using inkscape and my cricut.  The first is the front page which has a worded lace with hinges attached.  It is embossed with Ranger's holographic embossing powder giving an iridescent look.  The next is the back page with an are for a photo or journaling.  The embellishments are emboss using Ranger's lavender embossing glitter.  The word frame above is decorated with two glitter glues to give a marble effect and "precious" is painted with an iridescent glitter and sealed with glossy accents.  The butterfly is a pop up sticker.

  The front page is opened to reveal a picture frame.  At the bottom is one of my word fobs I used as a label - saying "My Sunshine".  The back of the word lace is also embossed.  It gave the word lace a different texture - no longer feeling like cardstock but rather plastic.  I wanted the page to be simple so it does not detract from the picture Diena will place in it.

The tag is for Diena - Somer's mother.  It uses a lot of handmade items just like the memorial page.  The whismsical shape was created to give a different look.  The front side has a frame painted with gold and red glitter to get an orange effect; and the word has glossy accents.  There's a nylon wired butterfly, gem swirl, feathers, paper flowers, and a lot of eyelash fibers.

At the back there is a mini glittered license plate with Somer's name and birth date; more word fobs of varying shapes and sizes attached tona square paper clip dangling from chain.  At the top right is a plastic flower ponytail holder that I repurpose just for this.  The sentiment is laser printed on vellum to subtlely reveal the designer paper.

Creating this memorial page made me happy to do something for someone I don't have a connection too.  But at the same time made me sad that Diena and family had to lose their "sunshine".  I hope remembering their "sunshine" bring about sunshine in their life as well as ours in any capacity.  God bless you Somer.

Well, that's all folks.  Please take part, comment, share, and like.  

Thanks.  TTYL :~)