Friday, January 7, 2011

Ocean Themed Baby Book Mini Album

We were asked to create a keepsake by Demi Designs who needed a baby book album to complete their ocean theme ensemble piece for a baby shower gift.  So I took on the challenge.

It was a blast to create.  I was able to be very creative and design something that told an amazing story.  I inkscaped, cricuted, stamped, aged, glittered, and dimensionalized as I saw fit. I also recycled and repurposed (e.g the pages are made from paint chips).  The pages flipped up/down,  left/right, and then some; a multi-turn opportunity.  There is much real estate for photos and journaling.  Furthermore, each section of the book represented a specific moment in time.

So, without further ado,  here is the rendition.


As with any trip, a journey commences; and this journey begins with a dedication page.  The parents can jot down their sentiments on the aged map, which I decided to use for the journaling throughout.

When you here all aboard you know to embark; and you board across a "wooden" ramp. So this section set out on boarding the passengers of this wonderful trip - mom and dad.  You're able to sign them in by entering their personal data.

As they set sail, they find out some great news about their trip and prepare for the forthcoming pleasures on their "high seas adventure."

But an unexpected storm occurs at sea and a matter of urgency ensues.  Passengers have to proceed to the designated areas.  Here mom goes into to labour.


When the storm subsides, passengers are thankful for the "great escape."  This would be a moment they would never forget.

Sailing continues and their coming ashore.

As the passengers reach their first port of call, they disembark, and are amazed at the journey they've taken.  They hit pier 1 (year 1) and can't wait to experience what the next four ports (yr 2-5) will bring.

They pick up many souvenirs and document their experience.

Well, that's all folks.  What do you think?  How can I improve on it?  I don't mind, keep it real.  Please comment, share, and like.  

Thanks.  TTYL :~)