Monday, April 25, 2011

Steampunk & Silverpunk

I'm just "punktified" today.  This is the second and third attempt at making charms.  I combined my love of digital design (that's just hifalutin talk for creating on a computer) with jewelry making.  I think they came out well.  What do you think?!

The idea came to me when I decided to make a mini steampunk book for my cousin (forthcoming) and wanted to complement the book with some steampunk charms.  So (saying to myself as I do) why not make an antithetical one as well; ergo - silverpunk(comtemporary).

In doing the steampunk & silverpunk charms, I incorporated printed pieces, plumbing supplies, found objects, and jewelry making items.  The antique pendants/charms can be purchased HERE.  Surprisingly, the charms are very very light.

 Starting off, I saw at Michaels some charms - Industrial Chic - that were cool but wasn't in my budget - but that's just me.  So, I decide to do my own industrial chicness.  As you see, I made a paper bead - anachronistic technology - with futuristic printing that describes part of steampunk's reference.  Plus, I used coffee stirrer straws as the beads' foundation added a headpin and findings.  The other part is housed on a zipper pull - found object.

Wanting to do something different, I used some plumber's plastic tubing (I think that's what it's called) - well the tube that goes from the ice maker to the waterline- to make dangles.  Then I cut the lenth I wanted, inserted a headpin stacked with seed beads, capped with bead caps - voila.  I left the printing on them to give it that electrical appearance.  They look like fuses - go figure.  I even used my eyelets as caps, and they fitted perfectly.  Sporadically, I colored the bead caps with sharpie like markers.  Awesome. Recycle, repurpose, reuse, re-envision (4R).  That's what it's all about - at least for me. 

As for the silverpunk - what else would I have called it - another derivative of cyberpunk was a blast to make.  My mind was working faster than I could gather the stuff.  Some items didn't even make it onto the charm.  Well, since this was the first go, I can always do another - can't wait.

These three pics repurposed other items to create something new.  Used 2 bookplates, a jumpring, and 2 square links (says argentiferous - silver and foiled holographically).  The jumpring charm is a story in itself.  I used Lindt Lindor's truffle wrapper (they are just so pretty) placed a large jumpring on it filled it with glossy accents and added seed beads, a silver star, and a handwritten word - wish.  As you see, there's a blue/white backing on the jumpring - thats the wrapper.  The 4R's of innovation - my coinage - came in handy again.

Since silverpunk is contemporary, I had to represent a new time.  So, why not have a tiny shiny silver sandglass with white sand to do the trick.  Also, why not have tiny glass bottle filled with micro silver balls.  It all makes sense in my head.  Will not drop some science here to explain but it works.  LOL.

Next up is a silver time capsule with a tiny scroll inside explaining silver's preciousness.  It's another found object that was reused - from a cell phone charm string.

More plumber's tubing to create dangles, and encapsulate a printed paper bead.  The printed beads' wording are all foiled with holographic silver foil.  The wording captures the ages of time - contemporary, modern, industrial, enlightenment, reason.

The cages - get me out - house a foil bead made from the colorful Lindt Lindor's truffle packaging for one; the other has two foil printed paper bead.  One is capped with silver grommets, and the other with inverted bead caps.  Both use straw as their foundation.
Lastly, to give the charm some color, I created these dangles.  The yellow looks futuristic like a part of Star Trek's fusion igniter.  The purple and blue are just so girlie.  Loving them!  I made the metal tassels from a chain I bought a while back for its parts from the $ store.

Well, that's all folk as Porky Pig would say.  What do you think?  How can I improve on it?  I don't mind, keep it real.  Please comment, share, and like.

Back to the drawing board for some 4R. ;-)
Thanks.  TTYL :~)