Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pink Mini for the Cure

It's been awhile but I'm back for a cause.  I've recently submitted a journal to benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation via Laura Denison's Pink Mini for a Cure.  It will be used in a silent auction on October 30, 2011 to November 5, 2011.  The proceeds will go to the foundation to support the fight against breast cancer.
The journal is setup like a medical chart which I call - Wellness Dossier.  This dossier is a creative outlook of your life that encourage you to scrapbook your way to wellness.

It is meant to creatively chart your personal wellness daily or simply on days when you experience a change in condition.   It will promote accurate mental and physical health information for the extension of your life span . Consequently, it enables you to monitors your wellness, and informs you on what needs to change and/or maintained.

In the process of dissecting your life, you’re able to identify and adopt a healthy lifestyle to enable you to live in health, youth and vigor for unlimited periods of time.

  • in control... aware of your body's needs and responses; discover patterns you may have overlooked.
  • focused... encourage good habits.
  • gives feedback... report the details to your physician.
  • see improvements... monitor progress/recovery.
  • experience a "worry break"... put aside to review at a later time.
  • at your fingertips... organized and easy to review whenever needed.
  • inadvertent side effects... clears the mind, diminish stress, and enable relaxation.
The journal is minimally decorated because I wanted the intended to express their style.  Each page is an envelope with a flap that holds the form.  The inside flap has a pocket for the tags.  You can embellish the tag and place a picture on the inside flap.  On the corresponding which is the envelope pocket, you can do the same - add a picture or journaling.
The dossier envelopes are filled with a type of chart form that is shown in the pictures below.  There are 14 chart forms (e.g. fluid intake, bladder/stool management, care provider notification, dietary needs, exercise log, health summary, health assessment, mood chart, menstrual cycle tracker, health record, biophysical comfort record, etc.)
I hope you like.  Digital file will be available for sale after the auction.



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