Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Anniversay Album

Was asked to create a card for my friends mom for her friend's anniversary.  Ok, a card.  Simple right?  Not!  The ideas went through stages - simple card -> interactive card -> faux book card -> book -> and finally end up as a mini album.  Not just a mini album but a vintage mini album.

Then I remembered that their anniversary is on halloween so I had to make it thematic.  It all centers around Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, which represents the anniversary couple.  I use pictures from the move to tell a story in this little album.  Awwww, Janice, you're so extra.

Ok. enough chit chat.  Let's get to the nitty-gritty.  You can watch the video and/or peruse the pictures below.

I tried to make a burial ground.  It has a plaque with the scroll saying "Our guests never complain."  I added a chain for texture and realty. 

Above you'll find a wand, which is needed to cast a spell.  The worn paper tells the story of the corpse bride.  I took poetic license to add a little this and that to the story.  Hahahaha.

The tree on the right was printed out, fussy cut, and glittered.  I can find anything.  Web surfing queen if I do say so myself.  Oh! I just did.

I disassemble a mini skeleton to add to the page.  I found it at the dollar store.  What don't they have.

Glittered a die cut.  Another tree I had to fussy cut.  Time consuming...... 

Moon is vellum and fussy cut and glittered my bat printouts.  Just loving the eyes.

Here is a fabric flower with an embossed flower punch.  Adjacent is another die cut I glittered.

I created these documents and printed them out.  I added the couple's names and their spooky friends.

On the right is another digital print I made. 

Created the Ouija board and planchette.  Made the planchette dimensional with pearl feet.  Had to be realistic. C'mon.  LOL. 

I made the back very simple with a digital print and used a brad as a decorative element.

The album was housed in this box I created out of cardstock.

Well, that's all folks.  What do you think?  How can I improve on it?  I don't mind, keep it real.  Please comment, share, and like.  

Hope you enjoyed what you've seen.  Don't be a stranger.

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