Saturday, April 30, 2016

Traveler's Notebook Health Dossier

Health Dossier

This is another mtn insert.  I designed this to bolster me to stay on track with my weight loss on a monthly basis.  I read somewhere that jotting down your progress will keep you focus.  To tell you the truth it is.  I download everything I'm feeling and it propels me to continue.

Health Dossier with water tracking
This health journal is available in my Etsy store in standard, field notes, and passport size for download.  It's a double-sided printed document with the option for printing on white, colored, or designer paper since there's two types of lettering - color or black/white.  I think the best part is that the pages are staggered to give a tabbed look and feel.

Jottings and Notes

The Jottings page (above) allows you to document on a weekly bases.  This is the weekly calendar basically.  You're able to jot down whatever comes to mind, and track your water intake.  The Notes section is used to house motivational quotes, banner stickers, etc. like you see here.  It keeps it real.

Notes and Food Journal

The Food Journal allows documentation of the meals eaten that day.  It's broken down into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Stickers can be used in this section to cheer or jeer.

Advisory Notes and Workout Journal

With the Advisory Notes, giving yourself advice is the goal.  Sticking to the plan is a must so self-therapy to get oneself to make it to the finish line.  As for the Workout Journal, you're documenting the activities that are done daily for the week.  At a glance you can see what was accomplished, and if any improvements have been made.

One Word Says It All and Sound Bite-Struggles
Now, the One Word Says It All section is self explanatory.  In each shape, a word is placed to depict your disposition daily.  It can be anything that says how you're feeling.  The Sound Bite-Struggles tells what issues you had for the day.  It can be with the workout you did (i.e. what I use it for), the meals you ate, work, home, or a combination of things.  Write it down.  Over time there will be less issues.

Sound Bite-Triumphs and Habit Tracker
Sound Bite-Triumphs is the positive side of the coin.  Here you tell your accomplishments.  I use it to tell how I did with my workout no matter how small it was.  As for the Habit Tracker, you list something you want to do for the week, and try not to break that chain.  It can be continued for as long as one likes.

Pages stacked in order
When everything is printed, cut, and assembled, it creates an interactive experience.  Flipping from one section to the next to write down the days industry allows a revisit of what was done for the week.  You tend to reread the previous days and compare.  For me, that's a motivational tool.  I want to do better the next day.

There it is in all its glory.  What do you think about it?  Is there anywhere I can improve on the design, content, or something else?  Please comment, share, and like.  I'm always looking for feedback.


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